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Newsletters  >  November 2009


Remember, remember the 5th of November

Firework season poses a problem for many pet owners.  Firework phobias are becoming more of a problem and its so heart breaking for us, the pet owner, to see our beloved companion so distressed.  Barking, hiding, shaking, panting, refusing to eat, drink and toilet are some behavioural signs.  There are ways to help and support your pet through this emotional roller coaster. These include:

  • Desensitisation.
  • Dog appeasing pheromones diffusers.
  • Prescribed medication.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Behavioural advice can be given please enquire at reception.

    The count down to relaxed behaviour starts NOW.


    Plug in a D.A.P. diffuser in the room the dog uses to rest and relax.


    At sundown put your dog in a room with curtains/blinds closed.  Provide him/her with toys and, if possible, something for you to do so he/she id not completely alone.

    Leave music on if he/she is to be alone.  If you are there you might watch TV.

    Ignore the noises yourself and try to distract your pet with a game.

    Don't punish your dog for any fearful behaviour, but also try not fuss or reassure him/her.  Try to ignore their behaviour and act confident so your dog can see you are not worried. This will give him/her more confidence.

    If you have to leave your dog alone make sure all exits are sealed and that there is nothing dangerous in the room.


    Leave the D.A.P. diffuser plugged in for at least a week.

    Don't ignore the problem because it only happens once or twice a year.  The fear can get more intense and could generalise to other sounds.  Find out about the "Sounds Scary" desensitisation programme which is straightforward and could be completed before next year.


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