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Practice News

Myriam has now joined us.  She is an experienced vet and has a qualification in homeopathy and can perform acupuncture.  She will work Wednesday - Friday so Kate will work late Monday and Tuesday from now on.

We have a new college placement student at the moment, called Amy she is in a green stripy tunic and will be here over the next 2 years.

Remember to vaccinate your dog and cat!

Vaccinations are very important for dogs and cats. It protects them against lif e threatening infectious diseases. Puppies and kittens are particularly susceptible to disease and should be vaccinated to ensure their health and survival, and boost their natural immunity. It is recommended that vaccinations are given on a yearly basis.

We send all our clients yearly booster reminders to keep your pet up to date!

Shape up!

OBESITY is a problem that affects pets and humans alike, and just like us, carrying extra weight places extra demands on  virtually all the organs of the body. Excess weight can lead to or worsen many medical conditions including:

  • Joint and ligament problems,
  • Heart disease
  • Increased blood preasure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Decreaced stamina and heat intolerance
  • Sadly, affecting pets often become old before their time, have a diminished quality of life and a reduced life expectancy.

    You can tell if your pet is over weight by feeling their chest, the ribs should be felt easily, but not seen. Dogs and cats should have a waist between their ribs and hips.

    To achieve weight loss pets need a combination of a specially formulated calorie controlled diet and more exercise.

    The good news is that as your pet loses weight, the benefits of increase healthiness  and vitality are usually seen quite quickly. Please contact us for advice about your pets ideal weight, diet and exercise regime!


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